No better testimonials exist than the latest comments from the crew who are currently on the trip. Click the Facebook link on the right of this page to visit our page.

We also have the excellent comprehensive blog written by Jill Beckett on our July 2011 trip and the article in Devon Life which was written in 2012

Comments from Previous years:

"The RBE is a journey that will encourage you to contemplate the wonder and the mystery of life - breathtaking scenery, immense skies and unimaginable beauty. At times I found myself lost for words, overcome by emotions and quite simply blown away by the beauty of it all.

An experience like this will colour your life with vast emotions..... I have never laughed and cried so much, in such a short period of time....

Dinghy expeditions to the shore proved to be glorious providing numerous occasions of side splitting hilarity..... utterly priceless!

Living with the elements, everything is reduced to basics and brought back down to size..... eat, drink, shower, rest & warmth.... everything else becomes superfluous and unnecessary.

I was delighted to end my journey as an Offshore Yachtmaster... amazed and proud that I'd come this far.

Aim high, strive for ideals. Colour your lfe with experience and emotions. Fill up your senses. Live life. Love life. And do the very best you can."

By Joanna Upton RBE July 2010

"I thought I knew what to expect, but it was more challenging, more exciting, more intensive and far more rewarding then I could have possibly expected."
Jeff Howell 

"A great way to learn the art of sailing and cruising in an intense & interestingly packaged voyage. Not only do you learn & hone the art of seamanship, but you also learn a great deal about yourself, the elements and your fellow man. I wouldn't have missed it for the world & enjoyed the challenges. There are tough times but the joy of achieving your goal makes it all worthwhile Nothing, but nothing can ever dim the memory of the sight of dawn breaking over the Western Isles at the end of a night sailing with seals popping up all around. I took away not only a qualification but some truly abiding memories."
David Bampton

"Three months initially seemed a long time. Not long enough. A fabulous experience that ended far too quickly. I would have stayed aboard & set sail immediately given half the chance. There were so many highlights and so many superb places that I'm going to have to buy a boat and do it all again."
Mike Davis

"I would turn straight round and do it all again if I could".
George Ramsey

"The Experience was one of the most extraordinary things that I have done and would not have missed the thing for almost anything".
Tom Watson

"The whole thing was brilliant from start to finish".
Kira Arbuthnot

"The experience I gained was much more than I expected and I am totally hooked and am looking for a yacht of my own. Thank you for the last 3 months, one of the best experiences of my life".

Nick Wyles

"Brilliant, excellent, chance of a lifetime, an experience not to be missed".
Sam Young

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